iPad Training Course – The Jist

iPad Training CourseLooking for iPad training classes? If so, I bet you had an experience something like this:

So there you were with your brand new iPad. Staring at the box, you eagerly ripped off the packaging to find the glorious device sitting snug in its tray. You gingerly pulled it out but you were hesitant to touch the screen – nobody likes to leave fingerprints! After carefully removing the screen protector (and wiping your hands on your shirt profusely), you turned the device on and started downloading pointless apps so you can show the thing off to your buddies (come on, that’s what we all do!).

Before long, you’ve discovered the magical hidden tray and found the cable, charger, etc, but one thing is missing……


The instruction manual! iPads (and all Apple products for that matter) are entirely devoid of an instruction manual. Not even one of those flimsy inserts with fifteen languages on it…what a ripoff!


Solution: iPad Training Courses By Geeks For…Well Everyone Else

That’s why we recommend these wonderfully informative and appropriately concise video iPad training classes. The time commitment is only 11 minutes per day and this video iPad training course will teach you precisely what you need to know to maximize your device’s potential and will get you on your way in no time at all.

With these classes, you will learn how to:

Learn at your own pace – nobody likes to be rushed through a training process.
Learn new techniques when they become available. (That’s right, this deal comes with a lifetime membership)
Participate in clear, comprehensive training that will grow your iPad skills.
Skip to what you need to know – don’t waste your time watching tutorials on things you’ve figured out in your own tinker-sessions

Plus, much of the training covered in the iPad training classes can be applied to other Apple devices including iPod Touches, iPhones, and more.

To sweeten the deal even more, these guys won’t even make you pay for their training for a full 60 days! You can get in there, check out the training, see if the guy’s voice is annoying and everything you could hope to want to do.

Risk Free GuaranteeHere is a quick overview of everything this course offers:

Module 1 – All About Your iPad

Module 2 – Web Tips and Tricks

Module 3 – More About Mail

Module 4 – Reading on Your iPad

Module 5 – App Fun & Productivity

Module 6 – Listen to Music & Podcasts

Module 7 – Organie Your Photos

Module 8 – Watch Video on Your iPad

Module 9 – Exploring Maps

Module 10 – iOS 5 Updates NEW MODULE!

Invest in yourself – iPad training classes  will teach you how to use the ipad to make yourself more productive, more versatile, and more ‘apple savvy’. Make sure none of the hundreds of iPad features go to waste with iPad training classes– you spent good money on that window into the vast technological abyss!